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August, 2023

Choosing the Right Software Partner with Software Advisory

The search for the most appropriate partner in software development outsourcing is challenging and tiresome. It will take weeks and months to scrutinize possible outsourcing partners. Furthermore, after a worldwide epidemic, outsourcing has become even more critical; it is a process that requires careful consideration and adequate time. This article offers suggestions and recommendations for the best software development outsourcing partner that will work for you.

December, 2021

3 Cloud ERP Implementation Methodologies to Check Out

The implementation of a cloud ERP system is a demanding task. In addition, the system change will most likely impact members of your organization and suppliers and customers.

Starting on a cloud ERP implementation calls for a massive undertaking and may involve tremendous risks.

Project leaders are responsible for communicating with key stakeholders, the software vendor, implementation partners, and project managers to decide the most appropriate implementation process.