Epicor ERP adds low-code BI with Grow acquisition

August, 2023

Epicor's acquisition of Grow Inc. will add more business information to its ERP solutions. 

Though it can handle more advanced analysis by data scientists, Grow's low-code BI offering is intended for business customers, the firm claims. Analytics reports can be generated through the use of data integration, data warehousing, and visualisation technologies. When you use the Grow app, you can connect it with more than 150 different corporate platforms, databases and CRM systems. You can also use APIs to keep importing data.

Texas-based Epicor focuses on capabilities for midmarket firms, including supply chain, inventory management, distribution, and financial planning. Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a private equity group, purchased the company in 2020 for $4.7 billion. On-premises ERP systems have now been rebuilt for the cloud by Epicor, which also recently purchased four other firms. 

In addition to Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), a cloud-based analytics solution developed by BI vendor Phocas through the purchase of Grow, the Epicor ERP product line now includes another BI tool in the form of Grow. According to the firm, Epicor will continue to advertise EDA and provide users with the ability to link with other BI and analytics apps. 

However, Vince Castiglione, Epicor's global president of corporate development, says that the acquisition of Grow fills a void in Epicor's ERP tool belt by delivering a BI solution geared directly to regular business customers.

Used by data scientists as well as business users

Self-service models like this one "are extremely straightforward and highly adaptable for a business user, but they also have the complexity that a data analyst or data analysis team can use as well," Castiglione explained. What we came up with is a solution to a specific problem. " 

It was Castiglione who recommended Grow's technology and staff to Epicor, which was looking to expand its business intelligence capabilities. 

We have BI partner partnerships and we see cohabitation there now, and it's something that we can offer a comprehensive market for, "he added. Because it's cloud-native and has the current tech stack, the platform met all of our requirements.

Grow's low-code simplicity of use is a big benefit because a large portion of Epicor's ERP customers are small and medium-sized businesses, notably in manufacturing, according to Castiglione. Then there's Grow, which can handle more advanced analytics. 

You don't need a SQL developer to help your business grow. It may be as complex as a corporation wants it to be, but it is primarily targeted at businesses without a data science staff, "he said. A dashboard may be used by a business user to configure and generate what they want.

Grow is a 40-person company based in Lehi, Ute County. The acquisition's terms have not been made public.

Epicor is on the cutting edge of three ERP trends

Third Stage Consulting Group CEO Eric Kimberling says the acquisition of Grow is a reflection of three current ERP trends: the migration to best-of-breed systems, the growth of low-code applications, and the rising emphasis on data and analytics. 

By combining data sets across Epicor and other systems, this purchase provides Epicor with extra power when it comes to enterprises who are evaluating best-of-breed solutions, "Kimberling added. With this upgrade, Epicor can better compete with Oracle, SAP, and others in the financial integration and reporting arena. 

Cindy Jutras, president of Mint Jutras, an enterprise systems research and consultancy business in Windham, N.H., says there are both advantages and disadvantages to Epicor's own BI platform. 

According to Jutras, smaller organisations may utilise it without making a significant investment since it can be integrated into their application. This isn't the case for consumers that have chosen a well-known BI brand like Tableau.