CX Software Choices for your Manufacturing Business

August, 2023

Manufacturers used to focus on transactions to sell goods and equipment. However, in the last few years, more demanding customers and a more developed market have led many manufacturers to switch to a relationship-based sales model. The pandemic heightened this attention on consumers during a tough year. CX manufacturing leaders must review every part of their organization to function in a digital age. In that period, they accelerated new business methods.

This change requires a lot of investment in digital technologies to support and serve customers in this new business model. However, it is directly related to the seamless, frictionless interactions customers want and expect with their service providers in all parts of their lives, whether they are a consumer using a music streaming service or a manufacturer charging a hospital to use an MRI machine with the latest software.

Globalization, competition, market maturity, and increased customer expectations have begun to redefine manufacturing and present never-before-seen challenges, which can only be solved by consistently driving customer engagement and satisfaction through frictionless service that anticipates and meets "in the moment" needs. Manufacturing is heavily based on tradition.

Software-Advisory collated a few of the most successful CX providers that have developed solutions tailored to the manufacturing industry's needs.


The enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform offered by Acumatica is a market-leading cloud-based application developed specifically to assist small and midsize organizations in accomplishing their operational objectives. The suite of apps includes tools for financial administration, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, and distribution management. If you opt for cloud-based delivery of Acumatica, you can use any web browser on your computer to access the program as long as you have an active internet connection. You can take advantage of all that Software as a Service (SaaS) offers if you do this.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform that is tailored to meet the unique requirements of small and medium-sized organizations. SAP Business One (sometimes referred to as SAP B1) was developed with the premise that smaller businesses require ERP software to assist them in managing their enterprise. It is equipped with functional modules for financial administration, customer relationship management, warehouse, and production management, purchasing and procurement, and reporting and analytics. SAP B1 operates on a Microsoft SQL server and SAP HANA in-memory. It may be implemented on-premises, in the cloud, and remotely through a mobile application. SAP B1 is sold through a network of 700 value-added resellers as of 2018. SAP's partner network has built 500 industry-specific apps. The seller claimed 60,000 clients in 2018.


To help manufacturing executives, Mitel, a pioneer in communication solutions designed to empower teams and satisfy consumers, may provide several resources. With workforce optimization services and collaboration tools, Mitel's communication solutions are ideal for bringing teams together in a hybrid environment. Using Mitel's technologies, you may gain a deeper understanding of your target market and improve your position in the marketplace. Despite the pandemic's problems, Mitel has helped various manufacturing firms improve their efficiency and performance.


For years, Twilio has been a popular choice for business executives because of its unique approach to client involvement and CX improvement. Twilio connects customers and companies in any setting with personalized experiences and trusted global communications available anywhere in the world.

With Twilio, manufacturing organizations may find a wide choice of tools to help with customer support and team management specifically tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry. With a wide range of options, you'll be able to reach clients via the methods they prefer, no matter where they are in the world. Twilio may support a wide range of systems through both flexible and robust APIs.



As one of the leading providers of online solutions for businesses in the manufacturing industry to track and empower their employees, HubSpot is a valuable resource. Thanks to tools like a free CRM and deep audience segmentation, HubSpot's manufacturing-specific solutions give business owners and managers a clearer picture of their target market. Individuals on your team might be assigned personas based on the information you collect about them.

HubSpot's greatest strength is its adaptability. To increase your company's productivity, you may select the tools you want from various hubs. You may also use a variety of connections with your current tools and contact center technologies. A large or small manufacturing team may benefit from HubSpot's solution.


Manufacturing enterprises may use Zoho's ERP and CRM software. There are numerous moving elements in managing a developing manufacturing company, but Zoho can help. Businesses may acquire a better knowledge of their customers, audience, and staff thanks to the simple-to-use software provided by Zoho.

Using Zoho, you may build relationships with your suppliers, monitor your team's productivity, and even make smarter business decisions.


Manufacturing firms may benefit from Talkdesk's commitment to bringing together teams worldwide and enhancing the client experience at every stage of the purchasing process. Manufacturing firms seeking agility may utilize cloud-based end-to-end innovation with the Talkdesk technology for customer experience.

Talkdesk can help your hybrid workforce communicate more effectively with their coworkers and customers and provide omnichannel customer service for your target audience. You may use AI technologies and self-service solutions to assist clients in solving their problems if you choose. Talkdesk delivers some of the industry's most significant statistics and analytics.


This well-known company has a wide selection of industrial firms that want to improve their connection and communications. As a result of Cisco's solutions, business executives may create anything from broad collaborative ecosystems for hybrid teams to contact centers with CRM connections. Clients may use Cisco's customer experience tools in various ways to meet the demands of different production firms. One of the biggest developers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is Cisco.


There's a good reason Salesforce is one of the most prominent CRM businesses in the industry. Customers from many industries benefit from Salesforce's extensive range of configurable solutions for service management and sales. The Salesforce ecosystem allows manufacturing organizations to understand more about their customers, even if they're working with teams across the globe. Salesforce's sophisticated client profiling and management solutions make it simple to accelerate revenue possibilities and improve business results. There's also the possibility of using artificial intelligence technologies like Einstein with Salesforce and a broad range of integration choices.


It's no secret that Avaya has helped several industrial organizations achieve extraordinary outcomes with their digital transformation efforts in the contemporary world. Consumers may find everything from internal communication and collaboration tools to contact center solutions in Avaya's wide range of communication technology offerings. Avaya can help you develop an environment that offers the best of both worlds for communication and collaboration. Avaya also provides excellent customer service and is known for its worldwide dependability.